I have entered in another gingerbread house contest and this time I need your help! 50% of the score for it is facebook voting. I am up against some pretty good competition this time so any help you can give me would be awesome. All you need to do is go to this link and "like" the photo of my gingerbread house. It is house #22 and has my name of Tip Top Cake Shoppe on it.
To give you some backround on the contest, we were supposed to pick an Ivory Home floor plan and model a gingerbread house after it. I chose the Villa Carlotta. I chose it mainly because I thought it would look really cool as a gingerbread house. You can see the actual house here . The prizes are up to $1000 for me and then Ivory Homes will match that donation to a charity of my choice. If I win I will be choosing the Salvation Army, because my dad is the one that first told me about the contest and he used to do a lot for the Salvation Army, including ringing a bell outside stores during the holidays.

Now, as a thank you for all of your support I am going to have another GIVE AWAY!

This time I am giving away a Wilton 18 Piece Cake Decorating Set.
All you need to do to enter is after you "like" my gingerbread house to vote, leave me a comment here on my blog telling me. Be sure to tell all of your friends and family to vote too. The voting ends on Tuesday 12/21/10, so my contest will end on 12/21/10 at midnight. 

Thanks again for all your help!

Jodi Trinklein
12/17/2010 20:57

Oops, I commented under Miss Minty!
Voted ;)

12/17/2010 21:34

Wow! Some of those are pretty cool... but yours looks soooo realistic! I miss you:( I'm still trying to figure out how to have you make Joren's cake and freeze it..... I should call you sometime!

Carolyn Tadd
12/21/2010 17:07

I voted, and I posted a link from my FB page, and I posted it on Cakecentral in the forums, AND the WMI email group I'm a part of! I really really want you to win! I had all my family vote, and they said, even if they didn't know it was yours, they still would have voted for it because it was the best! If I won, I would give the kit to my neice who I'm seeing over Christmas (and giving a mini class to) Good luck on your contest! Yay Jacinda


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