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Well, my daughter REALLY wanted to help make her birthday cake this year. However, she also really wanted to make her cats head in cake. I know it sounds kinda creepy, but it is actually a popular thing to do, to make people's favorite animal in cake. Anyway, she helped me do all the baking and prep work, then I sculpted the cake into the shape of a cats head, with some direction from my daughter :) I also covered it in fondant for her. Then I turned her loose with painting the cake. She did a wonderful job and had SO much fun doing it. Check out the pictures below showing how this cake 'came to life'  ;)
For those of you who are wondering "How do you paint on a cake?" Here's how we did it...

Items needed:
Extract (preferably lemon or a clear one, you get truer colors)
Wilton icing gel colors
food safe paint brushes

Use a candy melting plate or small bowls. Put a small amount of coloring in the plate or bowls and add some extract and stir to dissolve the gel colors. The more extract you use the lighter your "paint" will be. You will not need much, a little goes a long way. You are now ready to paint.

Painting cakes is a great and easy way to get your kids involved in decorating cakes. Kids LOVE to help with decorating and this is such a fun way to do it. My daughter had a blast doing this cake. If you ever get your kids involved in painting their cakes, send me a pic, I would love to see it. Happy cake painting!

01/22/2013 16:56

She is so grown up! The cake turned out awesome!


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