It is already that time of year when I start thinking about gingerbread houses. I know it seems silly since Halloween is only a little less than a week away... But this is also a time when constests and auctions start up, so it is time to start thinking of ideas.

For those of you that would like to give a try at a contest look in your local area for contests. South Jordan City has there annual Gingerbread Gala coming up and entries are already do November 14! For those of you that live in my area and are interested in giving it a try here is a link for the info.

As for me I am searching for some ideas on what I should make this year. I you have an idea I would love to hear from you. Remember I am not a traditional kind of girl and I like to think outside the box.

Also, I would love to see any creations that you might make. Happy Gingerbreading Everyone!

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