First off, I am so mad at myself, this is the only picture I took of the cake. I totally forgot to take one with a plain background. So, lucky you. You get to see the mess I make when doing a cake :) 

Anyway, a friend called me do make this D&D themed cake for her husbands birthday, and of course I was up for the challenge. I really did enjoy making it. However, getting the neck strong was a little difficult, but it all worked out in the end. The neck, legs and arms are rice krispie treats and the wings and stuff are gum paste. And since I don't have an airbrush I hand paint all the detailing. For how to paint on a cake click here
06/04/2013 21:20

Jacinda, this cake is AMAZING! I'm always impressed with your work but this is over the top! And, being able to see a glimpse of your mess makes the rest of us feel better about ours when we bake. :)

06/05/2013 07:58

Wow!! That is awesome!

Julie Barker
06/17/2013 16:12

Holy Toledo! That's amazing!


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