In my daughter's 3rd grade class instead of "show and tell" they have a "show and teach". Each student gets a chance to teach the class something. I love this idea, and the kids really seem to have fun with it. 

Of course my daughter wanted to show how to decorate a cupcake since she LOVES to decorate, I think she gets it from her mom ;) Together her and I came up with a cute and simple cupcake idea that all kids can do, and by all, I mean ALL 27 kids in her class. If that doesn't seem like much to you, take a look at the amount of pastry bags I had to pre-fill...
Here is my daughter showing her class how to make the cupcake. I wish I had an overhead projector for when I teach my classes. (Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy, bad camera. Good news though, I bought me a new camera)
How to make an Abominable Snowman Cupcake:

Items needed:
Baked cupcakes
Pastry bag filled with white, medium consistency icing, and a round or star tip, my daughter     used a tip 18 for hers.
Pre-made icing eyes 
Chocolate covered sunflower seeds
Airhead candy

Start by doing pullout stars or dots (stars with star tip, dots with round tip) all over the top of the cupcake. Then place the eyes on the cupcake. Use the chocolate covered sunflower seed for a nose. Take your Airhead candy and cut a small piece off, about 1/2 - 3/4 inch, shape into a tongue shape and place it on the cupcake.

This is a simple cupcake that children of most ages can do, so have some fun this winter season and decorate some cupcakes!


Andrea Velasquez
03/04/2013 23:33

This is an adorable idea! You are such a cool mom. I wish I would have gotten to do a show and teach in 3rd grade. That teacher knows what she's doing! The cupcakes are adorable too. Very creative!


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