Wow! I wish someone would have told me that getting new carpet in a fully furnished, lived in home would be worse than moving. My house has been like a giant jigsaw puzzle for the last week. That is why I haven't been posting as much. I still have a few boxes that need to be unpacked, but I need a break, so I thought I would share a cake you can do after taking my Course 1.
A Rosette Ombre Cake!

You learn  the rosette technique in the third lesson of Course 1, only instead of using the tip 18 like it says in the student book, I use the tip 1M, which also comes in your Course 1 kit. And for those of you who don't know, Ombre is when you have one color in three different shades. I like to start on the top with the lightest shade and work my way down with the darker colors. This is a super easy and fast cake that has amazing results.

04/11/2013 21:40

Totally cute... now I need a girl to make it for:) Glad you're getting new carpet. I need to come and visit you this summer!!!!!

Julie Barker
06/17/2013 16:14

I need to take that class again. I can't remember how to make the rosette but I want to make this cake! Super cute!


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